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I would say that the best thing about Marko is his positive attitude. He is always in a good mood, motivated and ready to work.
Also, it happens that I saw something on the internet, I would like to try and put it into training, and I don't know how or I'm just not sure if the exercise is good. Marko will always listen to ideas and complement them with expert advice and try to incorporate them into training to get the most out of them.
He is very open and flexible which, to me personally, means a lot.

A very important thing to note is that Marko advocates a sustainable way of exercising and eating. Better slow progress, but without the risk of injury (this is very important to me because of my backpain). He does not impose his diet / lifestyle, but gives advice and adjusts them to what you like and the lifestyle you live to get the most out of you.

Last but not least, he is constantly learning and moving forward - both in relation to clients, business organization and quality of service. Bravo, Marko!

Dario Lj.