Online services

Online plans give accurate information, advice and strategies to achieve a certain goal or result.

The support options are 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on your preferences.

Meal and training plan (3 months)

A combination of nutrition and workout plan which is going to assure you get results faster.

Meal plan (3 months)

Detailed individual meal plan that includes totally different days customised to your needs.

The goal is flexibility, education and achieving results, while we leave recipes and tastes to you, with recommendations. The program lasts for 3 months and includes revision and corrections depending on your feedback.

Training plan (3 months)

Detailed training plan with video counseling. The program lasts for 3 months. Training plans are based on complex exercises through basic movement patterns and workouts for the whole body. The execution of exercises and the progress are the things most important to us.

Online consulting

Online consulting offers you answers to all things related to health, training and nutrition so you can improve your fitness journey. The sevice lasts for 60 minutes via video call.


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